Alpha 1.7.9


  • Updated Main Menu / Pick-A-Toon screens
    • The menu is now much faster and cleaner
    • Backgrounds now properly scale to window size
    • Added dor enter hotkey and npc interact hotkey options to menu options
    • Updated design of options menu
    • Cleaner animations
    • Added selected Toon's Laff Meter to Pick-A-Toon
    • Fade out background when in options screen
    • Smoother Transitions
  • Added Code Redemption Page
    • Moved code redemption to it's own page and enabled it


  • Increased zap gag damage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when entering a sellbot field office during an invasion
  • Fixed field offices having 18x gag experience
  • Added checks to prevent taking more toontasks than allowed
  • Fixed a district reset relating to party planning
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