Beta 1.0.4


  • Added in tasks for Acorn Acres! You can get the tasks from the HQ officers in the Acorn Acres playground as soon as you finish the megatask
  • Added in a fishing pond to the Acorn Acres playground
  • The new deer model, created by Polygon, is now implemented!
    • Any deer toons that exist will be automatically upgraded to the new deer model!
    • The deer sounds are the same as before, don't fret!
    • Added an easter egg to the Daisy Gardens center flower, get all of your friends to gather around the flower!


  • Running in water no longer produces a special running sound
  • Increased the chance of getting a certificate from fishing slightly
  • Adjusted all the levels of cogs around Toontown, the new ranges are as follows: Toontown Central: 1-4 Acorn Acres: 2-6 Donald's Dock: 3-7 Daisy Gardens: 4-7 Minnie's Melodyland: 5-8 The Brrrgh: 5-9 Donald's Dreamland: 6-10


  • Fix water color for Acorn Acres
  • Fix a bug with the Training Page buyback not working
  • Fix for tasks being offered regardless of task history
  • Remove a fence from inside the Wacky Way tunnel


  • Fixed multiple district resets
  • Custom Python Build that Sandboxes all known injection methods
  • Added VMProtect to the Python Build for Mutex
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