TTPA Beta 1.2.0


  • Arctic Avenue and Twilight Terrace have now opened up in The Brrrgh and Donald's Dreamland respectively!
    • Arctic Avenue is a Boardbot heavy street, while Twilight Terrace is Bossbot and Lawbot heavy.
  • COG Bosses now have a 2% chance to drop a beta certificate on completion!
  • Edgar Allen Pole has begun selling fishing rods and bucket upgrades in his shop, "Darwin's Fishing Rods" on Ahoy Avenue!
    • Bucket increments are in 10s.
    • This shop will replace the need to wait for a cattlelog to purchase your next fishing rod.
  • Added random invasions! They will spawn every half an hour or so.
  • Removed rain.


  • Prestiged gags now get a blue tint in battle.
  • Mole stomp in Bossbot HQ now heals 20 laff if it is completed on the first attempt.
  • Reduced jellybean drops from elite cogs, and add jellybean rewards to regular cogs.
  • Reduced jellybean reward for completing COG buildings.
  • Jury Notices are now called "Subpoenas"
  • Knockback now rounds up instead of down.
  • Toon experience has been capped at 1500 experience per battle.
  • All COG facilities have received a 2x gag experience multiplier! For instance, a coin mint will give 4x gag experience as opposed to 2x.
  • C.E.O. health now scales to the amount of fires the boss will award.
  • Added an acknowledgement GUI to the training point page to prevent accidental spending of training points.
  • Reduced the requirements needed for racing trophies.


  • Fixed an issue with COG heads dislocating with Song and Dance.
  • Fixed an issue with the district page not showing the proper invasion.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trap prestige was automatically applied regardless of if the user had prestiged it.
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