Total Cogs Destroyed
Raised for Childs Play
10 cogs destroyed = $0.01 to Child’s Play Charity (Max $15,000)
Last Updated 1 week ago


  • Added Day/Night cycle
  • Added minigame vote skipping
  • Added new main menu screen
  • Updated pick-a-toon
  • Reindeers have moved to Toontown!
  • Fixed the unrelenting Goofy Speedway bug
  • Racing is up and ready for action!
  • Added uber mode toons! Create your toon with uber options!
  • Fixed various crashes, bugs and code cleanups
  • Added a “Nearby Toons” section to the friends list panel so you can see everyone nearby!
  • Increased server capacity to ensure much better playing experience
  • Added the skip button for skipping battle reward screens
  • Made whisper pop-ups last longer
  • Massively improved security
  • Fixed crashes involving golfing, golfing is ready to play
  • New Style
  • APIs recoded
  • New Applictions section
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Forgot Password
  • Invasion Tracker