Alpha 1.7.17


  • Added a NEWS screen to the main menu that shows release notes and social links
  • Added Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing options


  • Added small help videos for some options (visible when hovering over the ? icon)
  • Accessories now show up the Pick-A-Toon screen
  • Clicking on the laff meter will bring up a popup that can show your tasks or gags (mainly useful for mobile)
  • TOUCH CONTROLS: Moved the jump button to the right side of the screen to make it easier to press when moving
  • Dreamland is now a little darker and has some distant fog
  • Website Invasion Tracker now shows specific cog type and invasion progress
  • Added the population counts back to the Districts page
  • Buying from the catalog will prefer to use jellybean bank money as opposed to jellybean jar
  • Revamped backend to Options screen on the main menu
  • Preferences.json will now look a bit more organized and will display in alphebetical order

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when using the accessory trunk
  • Fix crashes related to the CJ and CEO
  • Fix crashes when using the Kart Page
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