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Release: Project Altis OPEN Alpha 1.1.0

Hey there, everyone! It's the Toontown: Project Altis Team with an important update. This contains very important information, so please read this statement carefully until the very end.

We would like to report that our transition over to a new host has finally been completed, and Alpha 1.1.0 is being prepared to release publicly! This is an exciting time for us, and we cannot wait to unveil our exciting new features and bugfixes to everyone! This process has proven to be exhausting, and we're super excited to finally showcase our next update to our Alpha phase. We'd like to thank everyone for their patience, and appreciate your continuous excitement for the game!

While we had previously mentioned that we have recovered all databases and files for the migration, we will now require all accounts to verify your Toontown: Project Altis account with two-factor authentication on our website before playing the game; this is for security reasons. You will need to link up two-factor authentication to your account, but if you wish not to use this feature, you will eventually be able to disable two-factor authentication on your account after you've verified your account. You can use the free Google Authenticator app for Chrome, iOS, Android & Blackberry, and enter in a token to verify your account. If you can not verify your account through either of these methods, please contact our staff on our Discord server-- --and we will make sure to verify your account for you. Please only contact us if you're not able to use the Google Authenticator app, as it will cause unnecessary strain on our support team.

Finally, we'd like to announce that applications are now OPEN to join the Toontown: Project Altis Team! Applications are open for Programmers, Modelers, Graphic/Concept/Texture Artists, Voice Actors and Moderators. We are particularly interested in Modelers and Artists, but feel free to apply for any open positions that fit you. Please keep in mind that you must be willing to fully commit to your role in the Toontown: Project Altis Team and be able to work in a voluntary environment. For example, do not apply to be a Moderator just to have an icon over your head, but rather to work towards a potential goal with intent. Be aware that the final stage of entry will require a signature of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) form, so if you are not over the age of 18, please be sure that your parent/guardian is aware of your commitment to Toontown: Project Altis. Applications will be open until January 12th, 2017, so be sure you don't miss out on your chance to join the team!

Once again, thank you for your continued patience and support. We are excited for the future of Toontown: Project Altis, and hope you are as well!

Toons of the World, Unite!