The Results are in...

The results are in folks, and you are not gonna be happy, no, not at all.
Bat has won the species election!
Though, there are some rumors going around that Puttin is fiddling with the election. The bat had many, many more votes than the other species. What would you expect from the most fantastic vampire bloodsucker out there? So, in order to distract, err, satisfy the toons of Toontown and take the focus off of a potential scandal, I'm going to do something very bold.
ALL the species have won the species election!
I'm not bad, don't get me wrong, but I have great friends who definitely do not meddle in elections, no sir, and are great people, yes sir. Not all of them are bad people. So let's welcome the new toons to Toontown!
Give it up for Alligator, Bat, Beaver, Fox, and Raccoon! The newest toons in Toontown!
Developer note: The election is not entirely pointless, this allows us to gauge the community interest in which species they prefer. The results from this election will aid us in selecting candidates for future endeavors. Keep an eye out! There are always more toons wanting to fly, crawl, waltz, or slither into Toontown!
Posted by: Project Altis Team - 2017-08-10 16:26:23.
Category: Election

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